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  • GreenFacts: the science behind Environment and Health issues
    Discover in English, Spanish, French, German or Dutch the unbiased scientific facts on important issues such as:
    • Global Warming and Climate Change: what are the facts?
    • Biodiversity loss: How much do human activities contribute to biodiversity degradation?
    • The Chernobyl accident: what is the impact on health and the environment, 20 years after the nuclear accident?
    • Fisheries: To what extent are fish stocks overexploited? 
    • Genetically Modified Crops: What is known about the possible risks for health or the environment?
    • Aspartame : is this artificial sweetener really toxic?
    • Fluorides help preventing cavities. Can they also be bad for the health?
    • Respiratory Diseases: Asthma and allergies are increasing. What can cause children to develop these diseases?
    • Tobacco: what are the health effects caused to smokers and passive smokers?
    • Phthalates are additives widely used in plastics and other materials. What is their effects on environment and health?
    • Endocrine disruptors: are some chemicals affecting our hormonal system?
    • Ecosystem change: How to limit harmful consequences of ecosystem degradation?
    • Air Pollution: Do current levels of air pollutants still affect public health, cause respiratory diseases and reduce life expectancy?
    • Water disinfectants: are their by-products threatening our health?
    • Alcohol: what are the effects of its consumption on health and society?
    • Diet and Nutrition: can a healthier diet and physical activity help improve health?
    • PCBs: what are the risks for health?
    • Static fields: do they pose health risks when used in medical imaging (NMR)?
    • Power lines: are they dangerous for our health?
    • Dioxins: how dangerous are they really?
    • Mercury: what are the risks for the environment and health?
    • Arsenic: when can it presence in water cause health problems?
    • Boron: could its presence in food and drinking water harm my health or the environment?
Recent GreenFacts Digests:
Provided by GreenFacts

GreenFacts asbl is a truly independent, non-advocacy non-profit organization. It publishes, on www.GreenFacts.org, the "GreenFacts Digests": faithful summaries of the best scientific consensus publications on health and environment matters, presented in a user friendly Three-Level Structure of increasing details. More on GreenFacts...

  • The oceans are being over-fished: save them!
    Many fish species are currently over-fished, leading to drastic reductions in their numbers.
    More in the GreenFacts Digest on Fisheries...
    You can buy fishes that not threatened by extinction by buying MSC-labelled seafood - see where to find them on eng.msc.org/html/content_531.htm.

    The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent, global, non-profit organization, set up to find a solution to the problem of over-fishing. It was established in 1997 by Unilever (the world's largest buyer of seafood) and WWF (the international conservation organization), then became fully independent in 1999.
  • Biodiversity loss is a MAJOR CONCERN!
    The diversity of life on Earth brings essential contributions to our well-being, including all the food we eat. However, human activities are causing irreversible losses to this biological diversity, especially in the past 50 years. More in the GreenFacts Digest on Biodiversity...
    We MUST preserve our precious natural resources. Governments worldwide have promised to save biodiversity by 2010. See the Countdown 2010 website and help them moving governments from words to action!

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