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Belgian heart-flag

Belgian heart-flag
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Drapeau-coeur [FR] 
Hart-vlag [NL] 
Herz-Flagge [DE] 
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The hear-flag concept, i.e. the introduction of a heart in the design of a flag, as well as the Belgian heart-flag, its variants and the heart-flags of other countries,
are copyrighted in all possible forms by © Jacques de Selliers, 2007.
All rights reserved. The Belgian hart-flag drawing is a ® trade mark of Jacques de Selliers registered in Benelux on 7 April 2008 under number 0837797.

Unless otherwise noted, the photos and other images on this website are copyrighted by Jacques de Selliers.

Conditions for reproduction

Please contact us if you wish to reproduce a heart-flag, a photo or any other image on this website, or if you wish to create or commercialise any of these heart-flags or any similar model.

We usually grant free reproduction rights to media, non-profit organizations, individuals and non-commercial websites, as long as:

  • The copyright "© Jacques de Selliers 2007" and the URL
    "www.heart-flag.org" are clearly mentioned close to the image.
  • For paper reproduction, we can email high quality/definition files of the images.
    Kindly send us a few paper copies of the publications containing the heart-flag.
  • For on-line reproduction, please link to this website and send us the URL of the webpages where the heart-flag will be reproduced.

For more information, please contact us.

Smiley heart-flag of Belgium
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