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Heart-flag of Europe

We have designed two types of European heart-flag, for EU lovers,
sending a heartful message to the European Union and its nations.

European heart-flag
Mouse over the EU heart-flag to get the version with hearts instead of stars

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as well as several other heart-flag.

Conception of the European heart-flag by © Jacques de Selliers, 2007.
Graphic design by www.macrosens.be.

History of the European flag

The European flag was originally designed by the Council of Europe (CoE) by Arsène Heitz and Paul Lévy in 1955.

In 1985 the European Union, which was then the European Economic Community (EEC), adopted it as its own flag at the initiative of the European Parliament. However, the Council of Europe agreed that other European organisations could use the flag, but many European bodies and agencies have their own emblem, albeit often inspired by the European flag's design and colours.

The blue colour of the European flag represents the West. The stars are positioned in a circle to represent unity. The number of stars is fixed at 12 as a symbol of perfection and completeness and because it is a number with no political connotation; it is not related to the number of European Union's member states.

The Council of Europe now shares responsibility with the European Commission for ensuring proper use of the flag — and for preventing misuse of it.

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Belgian heart-flag



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