I Love Belgium... and you?
Belgian heart-flag

Belgian heart-flag
for a tolerant Belgium

Drapeau-coeur [FR] 
Hart-vlag [NL] 
Herz-Flagge [DE] 
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The intolerance of Belgian politicians could lead to the split of Belgium -
and to the collapse of the European Union.

Buy this Belgian flag
to send a pacifying message to the new Belgian government!

Belgium has an absurdly complex and intolerant political system

This video brilliantly explains why:


I believe in a federal but united and tolerant Belgium, where:

  • All Belgians would be allowed to speak their own language in the whole country.
  • Brussels would be enlarged with its suburbs, improving its demographic reality and its parity between French and Dutch speakers.
  • Each region would choose its social security system and support its financial consequences.
  • There would be less governments (there are currently 6 of them), and all decisions of national concern would be taken at the federal level.

By massively hanging this heart-flag onto Belgian balconies,
you will send a powerful pacifying message to Belgian politicians!

Buy the Belgian heart-flag
Note that we make no profit on the sale of this flag!

18 heart-flags hanging on the Brusilia building...

Smiley heart-flag of Belgium
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